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Top 5 DIY Projects that add value to your home


Thinking about preparing your home to sell can be daunting and overwhelming. Many homeowners think they’ll have to spend tons of time and money to make to get top dollar. Read on to see how just a few well thought out and well executed DIY projects can help you sell fast AND for top dollar.


  1. Make a great first impression! So we have all heard the saying that “the first impression is the only impression”. That’s why it’s so important to really pay attention to what the outside of your home looks like. Trimming bushes, mowing the yard or pulling weeds doesn’t cost anything but make a big difference. And if time is not on your side, you can always hire a professional! Also bright flowers and fresh mulch or pine needles are really inexpensive ways to make your exterior pop. Make sure to also look at your front door and shutters to see if they could use a fresh coat of paint to liven up your exterior. And don’t forget to power wash your siding, driveway and sidewalk to give it that ‘sparking clean’ look!

  2. Lighten up! A good rule to go by when thinking of listing your home is to try to remove about 1/3 of the items in the home. Garage sales are a great way to do this, as you can earn some money to help with moving expenses, while at the same time helping your home’s salability. For those of you that you feel you can’t live without those items, but don’t need them on a daily basis, you can pack them away and store them in the attic or the garage, for free. If they are bigger items, you can opt to haul them to an outside storage unit.

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  3. Paint it pretty! Paint is by far the cheapest way to make a huge impact on the look of your home. It’s best to use a neutral color that will appeal to the broadest audience. The only exceptions would be children’s rooms that have that pottery barn look! Otherwise, any ‘greige’ would do, making sure to steer clear of grays that are too cool and will make your home look cold.

  4. Do the shuffle! When staging your home to sell it’s important to analyze how your furniture is placed. There should be one focal point that you want to draw potential buyers eyes to. In a bedroom, the bed is typically the focal point. So you would want that to be facing the door so it’s the first thing you see when walking into the room. You also want to ensure proper spacing around larger pieces so there’s good flow around the room, making it feel open and spacious.

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  6. Make a scene! Last but not least, it’s important to make sure to identify the purpose of each room and to stage it as such. This will help the buyer visualize themselves in that space. Do you have an extra room? Why not stage it as a home office? Do you have a nice big deck? Outdoor entertainment space is huge on buyers wish list right now, why not stage it as the perfect spot for a backyard barbecue?!

Top 5 DIY Projects

I worked 13 years as a visual merchandiser and have a passion for home staging and design. If you’re thinking about selling and would like a complementary staging consultation to see what updates will put your home at the top of the market, call or email me today.



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